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Link Detox

Link Detox could be necessary if your site has a penalty from Google. To know if a detox is necessary we will do a full audit of the current backlinks pointing to your site and ask Google to ignore all the toxic ones. At SEO Brisbane, we are experienced in doing this and we have helped remove penalties due to spammy links. In case you don’t know, toxic backlinks can be one of the reasons why you are getting low organic rankings. A lot of people wonder why no matter how strategic they are in optimising their site they still could not get the results they want despite employing every possible marketing tactic known to man. If you are not seeing results, allow SEO Brisbane to help you.

Aside from specialising in Web Design, Content, AdWords and SEO, we also offer Link Detox services. While we aim to remove toxic backlinks from your site, we’ll also give you an estimation of the probable risks of Google Filter or Google Penalty for your site. We do not claim to have access to Google algorithms nor their methods for doing evaluations, but with our extensive knowledge and experience in SEO we have found effective solutions in conducting strategies to ensure that your domain will make it on the first pages of the search engine sites. We still conduct ongoing configuration and testing of our systems to ensure that you get the best Link Detox service.

Please understand that link cleanup is not an easy task, it takes time and it can be frustrating at times which explains why not so many are willing to do it despite knowing that this can negatively affect their rankings. Leave your worries to us and we’ll take care of your backlink removal problems. We have the best tools to make sure that the good links are separated from the bad ones and that all bad links that are affecting your rankings are effectively removed from your domain. Every backlink we see will be evaluated carefully and will go through our strict link audit so we can assess its risk level. We then employ an efficient removal process to clean up all the bad links.